Responsive Web Design

We Build Attractive, Lead Generating Websites For Small Businesses.

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Showcase Your Brand

Rimrock Technology Solutions creates custom web design solutions for small businesses. We create innovative, smart-looking mobile-friendly websites that are effective at showcasing your business, lead capturing, and boosting your company’s revenue. All of our website designs are catered to each individual business.


We do not use cookie-cutter website themes. We develop professional innovative & custom website designs to promote YOUR brand identity.

Lead Capture

We build websites with an emphasis on lead capture and retention with opt-in forms that help customers get in touch easily & efficiently.

Mobile Friendly

Our websites are designed for the modern world. We want to be sure that anyone can easily navigate and use your beautiful website on ANY device.

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Experience & Creativity

First impressions matter! Did you know that up to 95% of users make a first impression about your company based on the look, feel & behavior of your company website? That is why it is crucial to have the best website design company handle your business website.

At Rimrock, we do not use cookie-cutter website themes. We develop custom website designs to match & promote your brand identity. Additionally, all of our website designs made mobile-friendly and with easy navigation & flow.

Call to Actions and Lead Generation
SEO Optimized
Responsive and Mobile Friendly