Premise based phone systems

Do you prefer to manage your own business phone system installed at your physical location?

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Premsie Based VoIP

For businesses over 100 users, a premise, meaning a system located at your site, based system starts to make more financial sense and the 3CX is a great solution for businesses with 100 to 2500 users. We can still provide the installation, training and ongoing support. We can also install more efficient SIP trunks to replace the analog lines and/or PRI’s that may be in place.

The very aggressive pricing will be far less than any similarly featured system on the market.

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Analog, Voice Lines, & PRI

If you need an analog (POTS) line for your fire system, elevator or other equipment, we can provide that through any one of several companies. Including AT&T, Spectrum, Cox, CenturyLink, Frontier and others.  We can also provide at a much lower cost VoIP lines/PRI that act and work just like the analog ones for your existing phone system, they are not suitable for fire or elevator purposes.

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