Frequently Asked Questions

Additional FAQs

No, you don’t need an existing VoIP phone. Check out our product page to see what VoIP phones we have available for your business.

A Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunk is the digital version of an analog trunk line that lets users make outgoing calls and receive incoming ones. A SIP trunk allows a business to make local or long-distance calls over the internet without using traditional phone lines.

Businesses often adopt SIP trunking to reduce phone expenses or take advantage of cloud-exclusive features. For example, a digital phone system is much easier to monitor with analytics tools that can track critical information about business phone calls, including frequency, length, audio quality and the number of missed calls. This capability provides the company with important data about how it uses telephone systems in day-to-day work.

We make installation as easy as possible. First, we work with you to find an agreeable date. Then we send out a team member to survey your facility and make sure you understand the details in the process. From there we send out a team member to set up cabling, install the system, customize the features you want, and train you in how to use it quickly and easily.

Yes, your phones are under warranty for as long as you’re under contract with us.

Yes, you can move your desk phone and still work from the same number. Just make sure you have a good working internet connection. Feel free to check out our free internet speed checker to test your service.

Check out our instructional videos and content to see how to manage your voicemail.