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Communicate from Anywhere

Using the Communicator GO 6 app is simple and easy and will keep you connected to your team from anywhere. Available on desktop and mobile devices across multiple platforms.  

Empowering Communication

Communicator GO 6 empowers you to communicate and work better. Communicator GO 6 is a versatile soft phone that revolutionizes communications in modern workplaces. 

What can Communicator GO 6 do for you? It can simplify and enhance communications, save time and money spent on communications, and encourage collaboration and productivity. 

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Amazing Features

Team Chat Messaging

Pin and reorganize your group chats, send a voice message, transfer the role of the chat administrator to another participant, quick reply, and delete messages. Chat is completely synchronized on all registered devices.


You can update your presence in the app’s Profile section by selecting your current status. Presence is available across all registered devices (Desktop & Mobile).

HD Voice Quality

Enjoy superior voice quality of your day-to-day calls with your colleagues.

Contacts Management

Keep your PBX, Outlook, Google, and Apple contacts in the intuitive gloCOM click-to-dial interface in one application.


Start a meeting directly from your gloCOM Desktop or gloCOM Web App. Create a private or public meeting that any user can attend. Use local recording to save important meetings and presentations.


Utilize SMS and MMS messaging in your business and send multimedia - videos, pictures, audio clips, and GIFs from a single comprehensive interface.


Send faxes in just a couple of clicks directly from the gloCOM Desktop App interface.

File Transfer

Copy and paste files directly from the clipboard to chat and transfer them more easily.

Email Intergrations

Sync Outlook and Exchange contacts with gloCOM and make calls from gloCOM directly or using the integrated Outlook plugin. Outlook will display available information on contacts calling you on inbound calls.

Unified Voicemail

Don’t worry about missed calls because other gloCOM users can leave you a voicemail. Listen to your voicemail messages on gloCOM Desktop or gloCOM GO Mobile App. Voicemail to email notifications is also included.

Desk Phone Integration

Call and answer your calls using a desk phone directly from gloCOM Desktop App interface. The full range of features and integrated devices remains at your disposal.

Call History Sync

Look at your call history at all times with call history sync. Available for all registered devices.

Video and Audio Conferencing

Convert two-way calls into a conference call, add as many participants as you like, or use dedicated conference rooms on the system to host conferences. Use video conferencing and screen sharing for your business presentations.

CRM Integrations

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