Who we are

We are a trusted communications company specializing in business solutions including Hosted VoIP, Telecommunications, Internet Service, Web Design and more!

20 years

We have been serving small businesses

Since, 2000 we have served small businesses and organizations nationwide by developing innovative solutions that fit each company’s needs. By being technology solution driven, we have helped over 3,100 businesses within our network stay better connected with their customers and teams.

Our History

Rimrock Technology Solutions and its associated companies have been serving businesses throughout the Central and Western United States for over twenty years.  In the early days we engineered and sold Avaya, ESI, NEC and Panasonic PBX/Key Systems (and we still service these systems) to businesses of all sizes and just about all industries.  When Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) came out, we were quick to recognize the potential of the new technology and started engineering and selling the Avaya IP Office and ShoreTel VoIP Systems.

When the Internet became the more stable and reliable service that it is today, we saw how beneficial it could be as a platform to host VoIP Systems for small and medium businesses; all the features of VoIP at less than 20 percent of the cost.  We pivoted our business model to focus on Cloud/Hosted Systems, and we haven’t looked back since. We have thousands of happy customers in a dozen different states, and we continue to grow our business with satisfied customers.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is simple; to provide our customers with the best possible service while supporting them through these everyday technological changes. We understand that technology is meant to make communication with your team and customers much more efficient and streamlined.

At Rimrock, we empower connections!

Why work with Us?

Our unique business model allows us to provide businesses with office phones utilizing the latest VoIP technology at a fraction of the cost of buying a new system. In fact, with our business model, in almost every case not only do we not ask you for any money, but we also save you money on your monthly phone and internet bill!

This technology allows users to work from anywhere (home, coffee shop or the beach) and yet function exactly as if you are sitting in your office.  It is extremely reliable and unlike the old PBX’s and Digital Systems it is fully redundant.  And yes, you get to keep all of your existing phone number and there is zero downtime.

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Save over 25% on your internet and phone service

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